The programme in details

To achieve the objectives of the programme, the beneficiaries planned to intervene on:

  • 70 peatlands ;
  • 36,000 linear metres of drainage ditches;
  • 18,000 linear metres of watercourse;
  • 27 ha of extraction areas.

These nature-based solutions will be designed to have sustainable effects on the impacted peatland systems, allowing them to increase their resilience to climate change and improve the ecosystem services they provide.

These interventions will be accompanied by actions to raise awareness and change the behaviour of the general public, landowners, elected officials, schoolchildren and other stakeholders (public meetings, educational events, newsletters, etc.).

Land management initiatives will also be carried out in order to ensure the long-term preservation of the sites.

Monitoring will also be carried out to assess the project’s impact, primarily in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Lastly, a transfer of knowledge will be carried out in order to encourage the replication of the actions undertaken (conferences, training, technical guide).

Collection of experiences

For details of the functional rehabilitation techniques used in the first LIFE Jura peatlands, please see the collection of experiences.

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